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Music Video - Amparanoia - Somos Viento [we are wind]

Somos Viento (Mexico 2002)
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Part of the band Amparanoia, September 2008
Background information
OriginGranada, Spain
Balcan Punk Beat
Years active1996 - present
Label(s)La Marmita Productions
Amparo Sánchez
José Alberto Varona
Vesko Kountchev
Jordi Mestres
Daniel Tejedor
Tomas Rundqvist
Nestor Gutierres
Oscar Ferret
Lazaro Ordoñez

Amparanoia is the pseudonym of Spanish singer/guitarist Amparo Sanchez combining her first name with the phrase 'paranoia'. It was also the name of the band she fronted from 1996 to 2006. Debut album, El Poder de Machín, has been described as being "bright, exuberant... with a heavy Latin influence", whereas the 2002-released Somos Viento has been called "a more acoustic blend of Cuban and reggae forms".
Amparo Sánchez ranks as the queenpin of the internationalist Euro-mix force gathering steam behind Manu Chao, a close friend and sometime

Film - Documentary on The F-Word

The F-Word

 – 07/01/2011
This challenging and thought provoking documentary is focused on all aspects of the controversial F-word “FUCK”The documentary examines how this word is impacting our world today. There are debates regarding the use of

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Bertrand Russell: In praise of idleness

Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

Ever had the feeling that work is overrated? That you live for the weekends, which never seem long enough and that Monday mornings are like torture? Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be to have more time for yourself and all the things you would do with that valuable spare time? If you have had the fortune, or misfortune, of having a full-time job long enough, chances are, that these questions have crossed your mind. Or possibly not, since we have been taught to accept that the present lifestyle of over working is fair and even necessary for one's survival.

Back in 1937, Bertrand Russell had a different opinion and in his essay 'In praise of idleness' he points out the advantages, not just to the individual but to the society as a whole, of a four hour work day. Although, a bit aged in its vocabulary and the current affairs of the time, his

Video - BAK XIII - OPEN THE BORDERS - No one is illegal

People are used to associate summertime with relaxation and chilling out. But not all the people. For hundreds from all over the world, it is time of struggle for survival, time of hope for a better life. I mean immigrants, called "illegal" by the governments and capitalists. While the elites of Western world are enjoying their free time in health resorts, luxurious sanatoriums, high-level hotels and clannish cruises, those who are considered to be dregs of society, take a dangerous attempt to get to the better world. And that's not easy. Few years after opening internal borders of the Fortress Europe, hundreds of people die every year on the Schengen zone borders (more than in the total history of Berliner Mauer) - most often, people from Third World countries. Taking into account missing ones, those who die in transit camps and all those who for many reasons don't manage to achieve their destination point, there may bo thousands of victims. Map lines, drowen by a few percent of the most influential leaders, indicate who have a rigth to survive and who doesn't, who is legal and who is not. For the latter I dedicate this home-made clip. 

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Documentary "Money as Debt" and sequel - How the crisis started

Documentary "Money as Debt" and sequel

We are all tired of hearing about the economic crisis, about the sky rocketing national debt and how we all have to tighten our belts to pay such debt through higher taxes and diminishing public services. However, despite being constantly bombarded by the news of the symptoms of said economic crisis, do we really understand how it all started?! Do the economists even question the foundation of the problem, which is the how the economic system was set up in the first place?

The following animated presentations of 'Money As Debt' (47:07) and the sequel 'Promises Unleached' (1:17:30) explain, in very simple terms, what money is and how it is being created. The sequel, explores the

Video: Music, Shostakovich Dimitri - Jazz Suite No2 -Waltz No2

Shostakovich Dimitri - Jazz Suite No2 -Waltz No2

Video: We Are All One - The Kids Speak [Music John Lennon]

Listen very closely as the Kids speak about what Oneness & Unity is all about!

Video: "When Love Takes over" - David Guetta &Kelly Rowland

Love is energy... HAPPINESS -It starts with us.. Lets be the change! Its as easy as a smile from your heart... 
Thank you for perfect song "When Love Takes over" - David Guetta &Kelly Rowland

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Cut to the chase and get the bottom line on the madness of "Government Disclosure" in this hilarious but tragic, fast paced, true look at what is happening to our planet, all at the drop of a hat, cartoon style. Perfect for everyone with a short attention span, ADD, or an inability to concentrate on anything longer than 3-minutes.

Proceeds from this video help to provide for the creature comforts of the writers, animators, music composers, and voiceover artists here at UFOTVstudios and Infomatic Films, the folks that work tirelessly to make these cartoons possible.

Video: BANNED Frank Gallagher Alternative Christmas Message

This is the Alternative Christmas Message from Frank Gallagher of the TV show Shameless. Banned by Channel Four on the grounds that the content was in poor taste - it's Frank Gallagher for fuck's sake!
Written by Paul Abbott and Directed by Alex Ganley

Video: The Australian comedian Steve Hughes at RAW Comedy Club, Sweden

The Australian comedian Steve Hughes at RAW Comedy Club, Sweden. 
November 2, 2009.

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Μνήμη Νίκου Ψυρούκη

Συνέντευξη του μεγάλου ιστορικού Νίκου Ψυρούκη για την ταξική πάλη στην Ελλάδα.
Ο Νικος Ψυρούκης ένας από τους μεγαλύτερους Έλληνες ιστορικούς γεννήθηκε το 1926 στην Ισμαηλίγια της Αιγύπτου από αιβαλιώτικη οικογένεια. Το 1944 οργανώθηκε στην αντιφασιστική πρωτοπορία εναντίον των βρετανικών στρατευμάτων στην Αίγυπτο, κατηγορήθηκε ως ανατρεπτικό στοιχείο και κατέφυγε στη Γαλλία και αργότερα στην Τσεχοσλοβακία, όπου σπούδασε ιστορία.
Το 1956 ολοκλήρωσε τη διπλωματική του πάνω στη Μικρασιατική καταστροφή και επέστρεψε στην Αίγυπτο. Στην Ελλάδα, ήλθε το 1961 και συνέχισε την καινοτόμο επιστημονική και συγγραφική του δραστηριότητα. Το ελεύθερο πνεύμα του το πλήρωσε. Η ασφάλεια τον κυνήγησε ως αριστερό και η επίσημη αριστερά τον

O ιστορικός Νίκος Ψυρούκης, ένθερμος αγωνιστής και ερευνητής του αντιαποικιακού κινήματος.

Νίκος Ψυρούκης: Άφησε πίσω του 25 βιβλία, δεκάδες άρθρα και μελέτες. Ήταν μαρξιστής, θεωρήθηκε “αιρετικός”, στάθηκε όμως πάνω από όλα ένθερμος αγωνιστής και ερευνητής του αντιαποικιακού κινήματος.
Γεννήθηκε, μεγάλωσε, δούλεψε ως εργάτης αλλά και αρθρογράφος στην καθημερινή αριστερή εφημερίδα της ελληνικής παροικίας «οπάροικος». Την Τσεχοσλοβακία, όπου κατέληξε νέος όταν ξεκίνησε από την Αίγυπτο για τον ΔΣΕ αλλά τον πρόλαβε η ήττα – εκεί σπούδασε ιστορία κι επεξεργάστηκε τη διατριβή του για τηΜικρασιατική Καταστροφή που επρόκειτο να αποτελέσει αργότερα το πρώτο του

Κhalil Gibran - The attitude we bring to life

‎"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."
~Khalil Gibran


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Music: Rebetiko - ''Η ΚΡΙΣΗΣ'' ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΡΟΥΚΟΥΝΑΣ 1934