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Film: The whole film - Baile mi Rey (1951) [Spanish]

En un concurso de baile, Resortes y Raquel sobresalen con su numero, pero cuando Resortes ve a los jueces se paraliza y pierden. Raquel y Resortes terminan su relacion. Por otra parte Conchite, una joven que es la supuesta hija de Tony, un tratante de blancas, convence a Resortes de que le ensene a bailar. Un dia Tony trata de violarla y ella escapa. Tony incendia el cuarto de Resortes, que sufre quemaduras en las piernas, pero con ayuda de Conchita logra volver a bailar y juntos ganan el concurso.

Video Music: From the film (The King of the Neigbourhood) "El Rey del Barrio" - Tongolele (1949)

Secuencia de baile de Tongolele en la película "El Rey del Barrio"

Video: Film - Dr. Strangelove - Survival Plan [Stanley Kubrick]

how can i stop worrying and love the bomb
ex-nazi scientist dr. strangelove giving a breefing to the president of USA after the end of the world surface became certain

Music Video: Arno Elias - El Corazon [featuring Gloria Meaola]

Arno Elias - El Corazon [la voz es de Gloria Meaola]

Music Video: Daniela Mercury - Nobre Vagabundo

Daniela Mercury - Nobre Vagabundo

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damm!

Gone with the Wind

Hangover Cat

No loud noises, plssssss

Music Video: Reeling Go Go

Reeling Go Go

131 Days left................[Interferone Affair]

131 days left to go....

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Video: History Channel - The Universe - Biggest Things in Space

We can't compare anything on Earth to the biggest things known in space. The Lymann Alpha blob is a bubble like structure containing countless galaxies -- perhaps the biggest object in the entire universe. Regions of radio-emitting gas called 'radio lobes' could be even bigger. Then there are super galaxy clusters which are hundreds of galaxies merged together due to cosmic collisions. Discover which is the largest planet, star, star cluster, constellation, black hole, volcano, galaxy, explosions, moon, storm, impact crater and 'void' known in the universe.

Video: From RABBIT'S MOON (1950) Kenneth Anger - the 1979 re edit

Rabbit's Moon is a short avant-garde film directed by Kenneth Anger in the style of both mime and Kabuki theatre. The title refers to the Japanese myth about a rabbit on the moon. The story focuses on Pierrot trying to obtain the unattainable moon. Harlequin appears and entertains Pierrot with sword play, juggling, and dance. Pierrot remains distraught, so Harlequin summons Columbina to help uplift Pierrot.

Although the film was originally made in 1950, two further cuts were created, one in 1972 and another in 1979, both with different soundtracks. The longer 1972 version (which has already been posted to YouTube by others) has a soundtrack which features 1950's and 1960's pop songs, interspersed with folk chanting and sound effects. The 1979 version soundtrack to this shorter version is the song "It Came in the Night" by A Raincoat, a UK-based band led by Andy Arthur.

Video: The Drawings of Heinrich Kley (1863-1945)

Heinrich Kley (April 15, 1863 in Karlsruhe -- 1945) in Munich was a German caricaturist, editorial cartoonist and painter.
Kley studied "practical arts" at the Karlsruhe Akademie and finished his studies in Munich. His early works were conventional portraits, landscapes, still lifes, city scenes and historical paintings. From about 1892 he won a reputation as an "industry artist", painting manufacturing scenes in oils and watercolors. They proved his deep understanding of the modern machine world. Kley attained greater notoriety with his sometimes darkly humorous pen drawings, published in Jugend and the notorious Simplicissimus.
The date of Kley's death is uncertain. Rumors initially suggested his demise in the early 1940s. It is also suggested that Kley died on August 2, 1945. Some sources mention the time of death on February 8, 1952.
Cartoonist Joe Grant was well aware of Kley's work and introduced his drawings to Walt Disney, who built an extensive private collection. A number of early Disney productions, notably Fantasia, reveal Kley's inspiration.
Due to Disney's interest and reprints by Dover Publications, Kley is still known in the USA, while he is nowadays little regarded in Germany.
Music by Prokofiev, 'Gavotte' and 'Cinderella's Waltz'.

132 Days left........................[Interferone Affair]

132 days left....
two months are left behind... in one week.

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Music Video: Αλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη - Απελπιστικά Διαθέσιμη (2010)

Αλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη - Απελπιστικά Διαθέσιμη [Στέφανος Κορκολής, Νίκη Παπαθεοχάρη]

The Essence of Being Together - [Together 10]

The Essence of Being Together   [Together 10]

Music Video: Σταμάτης Κραουνάκης - Κατιάνα Μπαλανίκα - Το musical της κόρης που αυτοκτόνησε

Σταμάτης Κραουνάκης - Κατιάνα Μπαλανίκα - Το musical της κόρης που αυτοκτόνησε
Στίχοι:  Λίνα Νικολακοπούλου

Video Music: Queen - Living on my Own

It's no easy ... living on my own......

Music Video: Queen - Let me live

Queen - Let me Live

134 Days left..................[Interferone Affair]

134 Days left to go....................
Soooo tired.
So much pain....

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SALTIMBANCO - Circue Du Soleil

Circue du soleil - SaLTiMbAnCO

Music Video: Indian Music - Wairapa Muspuymin

From the diary of Manolis Rassoulis - May he R.I.P.

The present note is merely a dry text.  It is however the starting gun.  I have in mind many things which are floating about and require communication and realization.  Books, films, summits, psychodramas, thrills and spills on a worldwide level.  Because that is what it is all about.  If we do not solve it, if we do not heal this wound the danger of a nuclear war is both present and visible, a third and final world war.  The collision of cultures does not only serve the law of differentiation.  It also contains a good deal of ignorance which originates in the cosmogonic voids associated with the general act of becoming and in the memory of man.

  If the library of Alexandria had not been burned, perhaps the damage would have been more limited.  It is however a fact that the Egypt of 1350 and the Crete of before 1450 - the destruction of Santorini - were lost for 3,500 years and discovered at the same time, around 1914.  Freud put forth the theory of Akhenaten and the Jews.  Gary Greenberg strengthens the Akhenatenic theory with much evidence.  And I, using intuition and evidence, extend this theory and put things in their proper place.  Now it remains to the peoples concerned - Graeco-Cretans, Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Jews, Westerners, Christians, etc - to prepare themselves for the change.

  I believe the message is one of hope and not simply a theory for the sake of theory.  Along the way we will examine the connection of Knossos with the culture of Ra and the culture of Ram and how they expanded to all the lands of the races of the Far East as Buddhism and how it was distilled there.  Many researchers connect all this with the culture of the American Indians and speak of a once existent single planetary culture that has been lost.  But it was not lost since the flame of its golden epilogue was passed on through Knossos in all directions so that today we can bring these fragments closer with better judgement and archaeology and have the holy puzzle appear again.

  It is not only hunger, which makes the peoples of the third world struggle and react.  It is the resolution management of differences in such a way that they do not reach confrontation.  We need a new unified planetary conscience, which will arrange the numerous features of the nations, hereditary and new, in a hierarchy guided by humanistic and logical criteria.  We have love for all things.  In their totality as well as individually.  And because Crete is exactly in the middle of the hemispheres and was once blessed with rationalism and esotericism in an authentic dogma which combined these two and offered the world of that time a centre of gravity, now it returns to remind us of this event and to unite the two ends of the severed rope.  All human beings and each separately can and must help with this.  The proposals will be made.  Grafts will be attempted onto the great Synthesis.  After the Exodus, an Eisodus will be attempted as an indication that we are relieving the pressure from the impasse by following the correct course.  Return to the new Amarna, to Knossos.  Let's reverse the circle, extolling the universally human, the sanctified division of totality, sectionalism and universality, the centrifugal and the centripetal, the 99 degrees which converge into the quantitative accumulation and the "holy" hundredth degree which bestows grace, redemption and a practical solution by transcending and transforming into . . . the sublime.

Prayer and meditation.  Mass production and the individualism of each consumer and citizen.  The sensitive given conditions, the sanctity of the family, of one's homeland, religion and wealth.  Are the rich simply executors (in the testamentary sense) of the social wealth?  Are we created in God's image?  Does this imply that our God has bouts of depression and goes to his psychologist?  Let's examine everything from the beginning before we are overtaken by an excruciating end.  Let the present serve as the commencement.

Source:  http://www.rasoulis.gr/freska.html

136 Days left.........................[Interferone Affair]

136 Days left to go
keep walking

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Aπό το ημερολόγιο του Μανώλη Ρασούλη

Ο Σαρών σαρώνει. Έχει τον Αραφάτ περιορισμένο κατ’ οίκον και κανείς δεν κάνει κιχ. Μου ‘ρχεται να κάνω μια οργάνωση ονόματι Κιχ και να πάει εκεί και να πλακώσει όλους στις μάπες. Ως κρητικός στενοχωριέμαι γιατί κι ο Αραφάτ Αραφατάκης είναι κατ’ ουσίαν ως Παλαιστίνιος –φιλισταίος άρα κρης. Το υπαινίσσεται συνέχεια, άλλωστε, στα συνέδρια και αλλαχού.

Οι κρητικοί; Κοιμούνται όρθιοι. Και μου ‘λαχε εμένα, όχι να τους ξυπνήσω, αλλά να τους βάλω να κοιμούνται, τουλάχιστον τα ανάσκελα. Χρρρρρρρκς. Κάποια στιγμή ψάρωσα. Αφού ούτε η Γλυκερία τους ένωσε εγώ πώς; Όμως δεν παραδόθηκα. Ψάχνω και ψάχνομαι για λύση. Όχι Σολομώντια. Ρασούλια. Γιατί ούτε εκεί είναι το Σούλι. Δεν ζούμε στην Παλαιά Διαθήκη. Ούτε σε αποθήκη. Έχουμε δόξα τω Θεώ αρκετό νιονιό να μοιράσουμε δυο γαϊδάρων άχυρα. Παρά να ψάχνω ψύλλους στ’ άχυρα. Αν και πιστεύω ότι αμφότεροι μοιάζουν με 2 γαϊδάρους που μάλωναν σε ξένο αχυρώνα. Διότι εδώ προπορεύονται τα συμφέροντα της ανθρωπότητας πρώτα από καθενός άλλου. Και τα οποία συμφέροντα, ας μας συγχωρεί η χάρη τους, δεν ταυτίζονται επουδενί με τα συμφέροντα των ΗΠΑ και των Διεθνών Νομισματικών Ταμείων. Όταν μέσα σε χρονική απόσταση ωρών ο Μπούς και ο Μπιν Λάντεν είπαν, σαν να ‘ταν δυο όψεις του ίδιου νομίσματος, ότι όποιος δεν είναι μ’ εμάς είναι εχθρός μας, μ’ έκαναν τοστ. Όμως πίσω έχει η αχλάδα την ουρά, κι εμείς κάτι παράξενοι που ‘χουμε όραμα το ολοστρόγγυλο του πλανήτη και την ιερότητα της ολότητας διαβάζουμε άλλου παπά ευαγγέλιο. Κρίνουμε και πράττουμε κατά πως συμφέρει την ανθρωπότητα. Κι αυτά τα δόγματα των επικρατούντων: είσαι απολύτως ελεύθερος να λες αυτά που θέμε, εγώ τα ακούω βερεσέ.

Σίγουρα ο Αραφάτ είναι κρητικός. Σίγουρα οι νεόκρητες είναι ένα κατακάθι της ιστορίας. Σίγουρα οι Εβραίοι επικυριαρχούν. Και σίγουρα ο πλανήτης πάει κατά διαόλου.

Κι ο καθείς; Τι λέει ο καθείς; Αυτός ο κόσμος ο μικρός ο μέγας; Δεν μιλεί. Ή ψελλίζει ή ουρλιάζει.

Όμως σίγουρα θα νιώσει το μαχαίρι στο κόκαλο. Και τότε θ’ αντιδράσει. Όμως α) η αντίδραση δεν είναι και το καλύτερο. β) θα ‘ναι αργά.

Κι όμως, τα πράγματα ενώ είναι τα χείριστα, είναι συνάμα και τα κάλλιστα. Έχουμε όλα τα συστατικά, εν δυνάμει σιγουρότατα, να παραχθεί η δέουσα προϋπόθεση. Με μια λέξη: συνείδηση. Κι ο νοών νοήτω.
Πηγή:  http://www.rasoulis.gr/freska.html

Video Art: Picasso Is Painting [Documentary]

Picasso Painting - A Documentary

Video: Art by William Blake Music: Masked Ball - Jocelyn Pook ("Eyes Wide Shut")

William Blake He was a poet and an engraver.
Romanian Chant (In the movie, it is played backwards.)
And God told to his apprentices...I gave you a comand...to pray to the Lord fot the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God's children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place.

Video Art: Francis Bacon Music: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Francis Bacon

Video: Films - Simeon of the Desert by Luis Bunuel 1950 [Finale]

Simeon del desierto - 1950 Luis Bunuel

A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed


Video: Cartoon - Godzilla Vs The Love Monster [The look of Love]

Never before seen episode of the seventies animated Godzilla series in which Godzilla unusually chooses to make love not war.

Music Video: Blondie - Atomic Boots Mash Up [Because it's Sunday ;-)]

Blondie - Atomic Boots Mash Up 

Video: Painted Spirits - Espíritus de Colores /Tribu Yanomami [Costa Rica]

Painted Spirits - Espíritus de Colores /Tribu Yanomami  [Costa Rica]

137 Days left.............................[Interferone Affair]